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Event updates due to COVID-19 will be made as we're advised. 

Please check with the organisation delivering the event before attending.

Thu 2 Jul
Miles and District Chamber of Commerce Meetup
Murilla Room, Dogwood Crossing, Miles

Miles and District Chamber of Commerce is the go to organisation linking business and opportunity in Miles, Condamine, Drillham and Dulacca.  If you're seeking to connect with businesses in the cotton, grain, beef production, gas and renewables industries, this monthly meetup is a great opportunity.  Members - free. 

Thu 9 Jul
Wandoan Community, Commerce & Industry Meetup

Wandoan Surf Club

Small but mighty, the Wandoan community is working on growth and the WCCI helps link people with opportunities.  This monthly meet up is a great way to connect with local business, large and small.  All welcome, free.

Mon 13 Jul
Tara Futures Group

Tara Memorial Hall

Tara Futures Group is the key community and business group in Tara.  Come along and share your ideas and enthusiasm to make Tara a great place to live and work.  All welcome, free.

Oct 12


Wed 6 Nov 


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