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5 towns, 10 workshops, 70+ participants.

We are so happy to support small business here in the Western Downs to succeed and grow with initiatives like our social media workshops in October 2022. Small business owners took the time to upskill their knowledge of social media for their business from across the region. 


Thank you Western Downs Regional Council for their partnership in the program

Tracy Sheen - The Digital Guide for road-tripping across the Western Downs with us to deliver the workshops.

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With everyone at different levels of using Facebook, understanding the platform and where it fits in our business' overall marketing strategy. We held BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE sessions to learn and put into practice.

Beginner Sessions
Are you relatively new to Facebook?

This session goes through all the mechanics and the anatomy of Facebook & Instagram.

  • Knowing which platform(s) to use to reach your ideal clients

  • How to set up your business page on each of the platforms

  • The difference between personal and business profiles

  • How to navigate Meta Business Manager

  • Scheduling posts to save time

  • How to link your Facebook and Instagram pages

  • The types of content to share to create a highly engaged audience.

Intermediate Sessions
Need help with planning and strategy?

This session focuses more on the role social media plays in your marketing strategy.

  • The role social media plays in your digital marketing

  • Defining your brand voice and why it’s important

  • Creating content that builds a highly engaged audience

  • The difference between organic and paid social media strategy

  • Why calls to actions are important

  • How to cross post and share content with groups/other pages

  • Using Canva to make posting to your social media easier


Tracy Sheen gets small business.

Tracy is a 30 year veteran of small business marketing and technology who is passionate about helping close the digital divide in Australia recognising that we need boots on the ground showing our technophobes how to cut through the digital noise. We need supportive learning environments, where they can see people just like them getting digital wins and showcasing how it has improved their business.

She is a small business digital trainer, certified practicing marketer and author of Australia's 2021 business book of the year "The End of Technophobia".  

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Social Media sessions were delivered in partnership with Western Downs Regional Council.

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