Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Navigator Team is frequently asked questions, find out what these are below.

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What is Business Navigator Western Downs?

A fully-funded program for local businesses in the Western Downs. It is being delivered by a team in the region who (through one-on-one coaching and mentoring) aims to support local businesses with innovative ideas to develop and grow.

Business Navigator is a Shell’s QGC Business social investment program delivered by partners Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise.

Who is it for?

Up to 45 local businesses may participate at any one time. The participants can be individuals, businesses, clubs, or interest groups. The common theme for participants is that they should have a bright idea or innovation.

Why is this program being run and why now?

Economic diversification and business support are top priorities for the continued growth and development of the Western Downs community.

The program was developed following extensive community feedback and consultations. Communities in the Western Downs said supporting local businesses to capture growth opportunities was important to them.

Business Navigator aspires to meet this need and enhance the capability of new and growing businesses in the region.

This program not only provides direct support opportunities for individuals, community, sporting and business organisations looking to grow and develop but also will work in collaboration with local council, business chambers, and progress associations to provide another service that they can offer to their local businesses and members as well as a way for them to gain additional support.

How is the program run?

The Navigators staff run the program in the entirety and provide a mobile service to clients or work from the office in Chinchilla.

The two staff consist of, Lead Business coach Ariane de Rooy and Business Coach/Program Coordinator Suzie Wood.

The program is supported with a digital specialist.

Hours of work?

Staff will be available Monday to Friday during business hours and as required for events and after hours activities.

Where are they located?

The Business Navigator Western Downs program is a mobile service made available to the potential clients they service (individuals, businesses, groups, clubs). When not with clients the base is back at 8 Malduf Street, Chinchilla, being central to the Western Downs area.

What is the Pitch Challenge?

Business Navigator’s annual Pitch Challenge is helping Western Downs entrepreneurs in their bid to access new customers and investors. An annual ‘Pitch Challenge’ encourages Western Downs businesses to put forward their exciting business ideas in a competitive format, is a fundamental part of the Business Navigator program.

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How can I get involved?

A short expression of interest form is available online available online here.

Simply fill this in and a member of the Business Navigator team will be in touch within 5 business days.