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March 2023 saw Western Downs businesses attend functional workshops on how to use social media platforms and digital tools to help with small business digital marketing.
Social Media for Beginners
Are you relatively new to Facebook?

This session goes through all the mechanics and the anatomy of Facebook & Instagram.

  • Knowing which platform(s) to use to reach your ideal clients

  • How to set up your business page on each of the platforms

  • The difference between personal and business profiles

  • How to navigate Meta Business Manager

  • Scheduling posts to save time

  • How to link your Facebook and Instagram pages

  • The types of content to share to create a highly engaged audience.

Social Media Strategy
Need help with planning and strategy?

This session focuses more on the role social media plays in your marketing strategy.

  • The role social media plays in your digital marketing

  • Defining your brand voice and why it’s important

  • Creating content that builds a highly engaged audience

  • The difference between organic and paid social media strategy

  • Why calls to actions are important

  • How to cross post and share content with groups/other pages

  • Using Canva to make posting to your social media easier

Using Canva
The must-have tool for small business!
Paid Advertising
Get higher audience engagement.

This session goes through how to use the go-to design software tool Canva.

  • How to setup your free Canva account

  • How to create a design from scratch using Canva

  • Quick tips to make your designs look good

  • How to choose the dimensions for your design

  • How to create a background for your design

  • How to add text, images and more

This session is on paid advertising, the perfect tool for prospecting and re-engaging audiences.

  • How to create your own ad account

  • Boosted posts v ads

  • Understanding the overall structure of Facebook ads

  • Creating different ad types: single image, carousel etc

  • The different campaign objectives/advertising goals

  • Tips on ad creative and ad copy

Small business workshops are delivered in partnership with Western Downs Regional Council.

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